1. Stipulated hours / surcharge – Client is advised to take note of the stipulated hours as guidelines to avoid being subject to surcharge fee.

    *7am - 3pm - * The time designated for the first session begins at 7 am and to be completed by 3 pm will not be subjected to any surcharge.

    Should the client requests for early reporting before 7 am or have ended the first session exceeded the stipulated time, a surcharge fee of $50/- per hour or part thereof is payable to the photographer and/or videographer.

    *7.30 pm - 11pm - * The photographer and/or videographer will report for their evening task in accordance to the time indicated on the invitation card.

    * Note – The client will not be reminded of additional charge should there be a change in time reporting before official hour or ending the event after 11pm. Additional hourly fee or part thereof is chargeable at $50/-.

  2. Reporting place / time – It is a norm and procedure for the photographer and/or videographer to first make his reporting at the bride’s residence. The official working time of the photographer and/or videographer begin/s half hour prior to the arrival of the bridegroom. (e.g if the groom is to arrive at the bride’s home at 10 am, the photographer and/or videographer will report for work at 9.30 am.)

  3. Deposit – All deposit made upon confirmation are not refundable nor redeemable for any goods items equivalent in value of deposit should the client cancels or postpone to later date.

  4. Transportation - The client is responsible to arrange transportation to facilitate convenience to photographer and/or videographer when traveling from location to location.

  5. Split day assignment surcharge - For a wedding dinner that takes place on the following date or later, a surcharge fee of S$200/- is required for the photographer and/or videographer.

  6. Photographer’s shooting discretion – It is the liberty of the photographer to carry out the shoot at his discretion. Shooting style may differ in respect to the working situation varies or differ from portfolio as viewed during the meeting appointment.

  7. Photo inserts – The client is to provide the necessary photos to the videographer for insertion to be used for video presentation during the dinner event. Submission of photos must be made no later than 3 weeks before actual wedding event. It is the responsibility of the videographer to exercise care and proper handling of all photographic materials given. However, the videographer is not liable to any loss or damage to the materials due to unforeseen circumstances during the process.

    *Note : photos for insertion (Size must not be smaller than a passport photo or larger than 8” x 10” size).

  8. Liability – The company takes responsibility and exercise care when handling all photographic materials such as tapes, films, negatives, etc... In the case of accidental damage to the films during photo taking or processing or loss of materials, the company will replace the number of rolls damaged or loss with full refund in amount (Sin dollar) for deposit made.

    Equipment Failure – The company will not be liable for any form of compensation in terms of money or physical goods in return should the equipment failed due to technical fault.

  9. Refund – At all times the company will ensure service reliability, punctuality and professionalism to our valued customers. However, the company will honour a full refund in the event of unforeseen circumstances on the actual day to the client to be as follows:

    No show – reasons due to sickness, hospitalization or other personal matters of the photographer and/or videographer. The company will make a full refund of the deposit.
    Replacement of photographer and/or videographer – should the client decline the offer of a replaced photographer and/or videographer, the company will make a full refund of the deposit made.

    In the event for an urgent need to substitute a second photographer, a competent photographer will be arranged to cover the assignment. No portfolio of the second photographer will be shown to the client for consideration.

  10. Collection schedule – Kindly take note of the different schedules for the collection of photographic materials.

  11. Mode of payment – A deposit of 30% is required upon confirmation or booking. Full payment in settlement to the balanced amount is required at the end of the wedding function.

  12. Acceptance of contract – It is deemed with understanding that the client has accepted the company’s terms & conditions upon receiving the cheque as deposit even if the client did not officially endorse his signature on the contract form.

  13. Cancellation charges – The client is subject to a cancellation fee upon confirmation and booking. When notification is made to cancel the booking, the booking fees paid will be deemed to be forfeited.

  14. Photo supplies – All photos will be edited and inserted into the album
    before handing over to the client. Upon editing, a maximum of 95%
    of photographs will be supplied to the client.

  15. Promotional samples – The company reserves the right to the use of photographs and videos for presentation to facilitate his promotional purpose. This will be carried out without the prior consent of the clients.

  16. This agreement is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Singapore and Singapore Law shall apply.

  17. We welcome your feedback. Should you feel dissatisfied with our services, please contact us at Tel: 6339-9336, Email: enquiry@idigital.sg

    Alternatively, customers may refer their complaints to the BusinessTrust Secretariat if they are not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint. Complaints can be referred to:

    BusinessTrust Secretariat
    Mr. Ramesh Vakkiprath
    35, Selegie Road, #09-25, Parklane,
    Singapore 188307
    Email: ramesh@cnsg.com.sg



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